neckarbuben showcases people, brands and products. We materialize fair-stands, exhibitions, roadshows, conventions, event and show productions as well as team-building and team recognition activities with sheer dedication and utmost enthusiasm.

As specialists in live communication, we offer a maximum of creativity and perfection in planning and organization. At neckarbuben, we always have the customer experience in mind, working hard toward the desired results through personal, unique and interactive communication. For two decades, we have advised clients in all areas of corporate and brand communication. We create meaningful and lasting impressions between clients and their customers through high standards of design, architecture and the visual aspects of image and film. Our network encompasses excellent partners in the field. neckarbuben realizes projects in 2D, 3D, live and interactive.

neckarbuben, as a corporation, is committed to its Swabian roots and the desire to create unforgettable moments. Despite many years of collected experience, we continue to educate ourselves. We trust our skill set and gut feelings in knowing when, how and why particulars of a project will work. We love accurate communication design, inspiring people, courageous brands and fascinating encounters. neckarbuben is curious, open-minded and adventurous – the way boys are.

neckarbuben serive: ideenspinner

The Creative Mind

We deliver the total concept.

Mark Twain once said, "The man with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds." neckarbuben loves to come up with new ideas following the maxim: Nothing is real therefore everything is possible! Effective communication often begins with a seemingly crazy basic idea. This concept is then tossed around until ideas are interwoven and a great concept is born. This is how remarkable stories come to life at neckarbuben.

neckarbuben serive: planungsgroessen

The Planner

We plan from A to Z.

A project is defined by the idea and takes on form through a strong concept. To implement an ideal project execution, it takes professional planning with defined milestones. neckarbuben creates a detailed project structure, encourages dialogue-oriented project development, implements time management strategies, provides resources and tracks budget efficiency throughout the life of a project. neckarbuben plans your success.

neckarbuben serive: erfueller

The Executor

We bring the projects to life.

Ideas and concepts become reality. Everything works and functions as planned. We handle the requests and expectations associated with a project in a superior, responsible and effective manner. neckarbuben delivers the necessary quality when carrying out a project. Bright ideas and great concepts are like promises – they are made to be kept. You either can or you don't. neckarbuben can because we keep our promises.


You already have a good idea and would like to plan and carry out the project yourself?
neckarbuben is spontaneous and flexible. For you, we will dive head first:

  • as

    creative partner

  • as

    thought stimulator

  • as

    target audience experts

  • as

    2D and 3D visualizer

  • as

    feasibility inspector

  • as

    project manager

  • as

    tactician and strategist

  • as


  • as


  • as

    trade supervisor

  • as

    construction supervisor

  • as

    on-site coordinator


Volker Münz

neckarbuben – volker münz


is the best policy

To wow someone

has to be learned, because it isn't that easy


is and stays the motor of success

The industrial engineer is the energetic influence of neckarbuben and, as a percussionist and natural supervisor, drums up the best project teams. He loves the grand challenge while also having a knack for the smallest of details. As specialist for immediate communication, dramatic advisor and stage director, he understands how to create authentic interactions for people and brands that are experience given and lively.

Frank C. Ulrich

neckarbuben – frank c. ulrich


is the approach to all kinds and sizes of tasks


is the interaction with co-worker, clients and vendors


are the designs, looking for unorthodox solutions

Holding a Master in Design Management, the industrial designer is the creative head of neckarbuben. For 20 years, this ADC-Juror mastered and uses the full gamut of three-dimensional communication for large trade show and event projects. Brands can be newly experienced in numerous dimensions through his work. Brand development is like the music to the lead vocalist and guitarist – it is the essence of the performance; "You have to feel the soul."

madeleine maros
Madeleine Maros

Graphics is her business. Everything that has to be organized is well coordinated by her.

tobi simon
Tobi Simon

Think of a wish - Tobi already fulfilled it! Project manager and great researcher.
julia tulipan
Julia Tulipan

Julia ensures the smooth running of our office ad supports the project teams in her pleasant way.
julia tulipan
Dieter Spazierer

Dieter is a passionated graphic designer. His manifoldly experiences are decisive and indispensable for all of us.
rohedesign – robert heyes
Robert Heyes

Robert is our pearl for web design and graphics. He loves to get to the point and is looking for the creative pow-wow.
ferda dogan
Ferda Dogan

Ferda is our contact in Turkey. Since many years in the Communication Business and experienced in managing complex projects.
finecraft – stefanie larson
Stefanie Larson

Stefanie is the specialist for target audiences and exceptional styles. She is our pearl for interdisciplinary architecture.
ann chen
Zoe Ann Tu

Ann is our expert on the international economy, specializing in the Chinese market. Ann is our pearl for intercultural coaching.